Saturday, June 1, 2013

September 2012: A day at the zoo.

The zoo is a favorite place both to visit and for C to take photos of Cara. It's fun to find photos of her over the years - that lion used to look so huge!

On the carousel.

With the bear.


Visiting the bungies.

September 2013: Huckleberries on Mount Sawyer

One of the treats of hiking in September in the Cascades is the chance of getting some huckleberries along the trail. We decided to explore Tonga Ridge, known for its generous spread of huckleberry bushes. It also has a high point designated Mount Sawyer. Huckleberries were the primary goal, but the adults involved have a fondness for getting to the tops of things, so we were hopeful of bagging a minor peak as well.

Getting close to the summit.

Proof we made it!

Rest and a snack near the summit.

View of Daniel and Hinman from the top.

Carrying the huckleberry collection.

August 2012: Berkeley Park Backpack trip

Planning ahead got us a backcountry camping spot in the Mount Rainier National Park. We had heard how lovely the flowers could be in Berkeley Park, and decided to try it out for ourselves. The original plan had to include J's Mom, but back issues forced her to stay in Seattle. We definitely missed her company, and wished she could have shared the lovely flowers and fun we had.

Fresh and ready to go up the trail.

Cara and mom admire the lupines.

The creek near our campsite.

Heading up to Skyscraper Pass.

Relaxing at the pass.

Coming back down.

Resting on Roberta's bridge.


The last of the dried strawberries.

Goodbye to the flowers.

Lunch on the way out.

The creeks and flowers of Berkeley Park.

August 2012: Farm Life

When we were invited to spend a weekend on the farm of a friend's daughter, we weren't quite sure how much Cara would enjoy herself. The answer was plenty. The dog, Chuck, provided the most entertainment, but other aspects of farm life were quite intriguing.

Immediate friends.

Chuck is ready.

And he's off!

Off again, and again, and again.

The horse was friendly as well.

Potatoes for dinner.

Learning to plant lettuce.

July 2012: Salt Creek Campground

At the prompting of Sarah's parents, we decided to brave taking a ferry to the Olympic peninsula for some coastal camping. We found adjacent campsites and the girls had a blast playing on the beach.

On the ferry.

Carrying a kelp stalk.

Sandcastle classic.

Waiting for the wave.

Here it comes!


Cartwheels on the beach.


Fun rocks to climb on.

Buried treasure

Playing with mud.

Tide is coming in.

Fun with mud.

Looking at ripple patterns.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

July 2012: Tide Pooling at Golden Gardens

While we consider ourselves somewhat knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the local mountains, we had never explored the shoreline of Puget Sound. Some friends invited us on a tide pooling expedition at one of Seattle's waterfront parks, and we were amazed at what we had been missing all these years!

A surprise under every rock!

Cara found a crab.

Considering the discoveries of the day.

What do we recognize here?

How did it fit under there?

This heron is also interested in sea creatures.

Heron in flight.